Jasper Quote of the Day

jasper's slam poemAt school, Jasper and his classmates have had the unique opportunity to work with slam poet Gayle Danley. This is the poem he wrote in her workshop.

A few students from each class performed their poems for the upper grades yesterday, and Jasper represented his class. I thought it particularly appropriate to share today, on what would have been Dad’s 69th birthday.

I miss you

I miss you because we hung out together even though you could not talk, you heard me and listened, you watched me sitting in your wheel chair. I feel sad you are not here, you used to be fun to be with, you did everything that you could. Your hair was nice and Gray and you were kind. I came to say Hi and in your mind you said it back. I remember you sitting there with a computer. I remember you communicated with me in some way. I know now that it was with blinking and a keyboard on a screen. I’m sad that you are gone pop-pop. We had good times.